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Update distro - cd - nuovi arrivi e restock.

Ecco un altro po' di nuovi arrivi, più che altro una bella carrellata di roma malatissima dalla A Silent Place...

Aidan Baker - The Sea swells a bit… Bachi Da Pietra - Quarzo Bob Corn - The Watermelon Dream Bologna Violenta - Il Nuovissimo Mondo Cornflakes Freaks - Nora's Room Fabio Orsi - Find Electronica  Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - We could for hours Fabio Orsi / Mamuthones - The First Born Jennifer Gentle - A New Astronomy Jennifer Gentle - Concentric Jennifer Gentle & Kawabata Makoto - The wrong cage Julie's haircut - Our Secret Ceremony Julie's Haircut & Sonic Boom - N-Waves / U-Waves La Quiete - Tenpéun `01-`05 North Sea (The) - Archaic spines Origod - A new dawn fades Plastic Crimewave Sound - Painted Shadows Slumberwood - Yawling night songs Z'ev - Rhythmajic

Aidan Baker - The Sea swells a bit… |  3tx CD (A Silent Place 2006) - 13 € 8 €

Prolific ambient/drone artist from Toronto (also forming one half of drone doom giants Nadja). Baker stretches out 3 tracks of droned-out guitar that really makes for some great reading/studying music.

Bachi Da Pietra - Quarzo |  12tx CD (Wallace 2010) - 15 € 13 €

I Bachi Da Pietra sono una realtà consolidata, considerata tra le più interessanti e attive del panorama artistico musicale e letterario; il loro approccio musicale e il loro stile compositivo sono divenuti, dal 2005 ad oggi, marchi di fabbrica inconfondibili. Chitarra e batteria (o quel che ne resta), e il loro nuovissimo quarto album.

Bob Corn - The Watermelon Dream | 7tx CD (Fooltribe 2011) - 10 €

New 2011 Bob Corn album!! Belllissimo!

Bologna Violenta - Il Nuovissimo Mondo | 23tx digipack CD (Bar La Muerte 2010) - 15 € 12 €

Il violino di Nicola Manzan è tra i più richiesti: dai Baustelle a Ligabue (!!!), dai Ronin al Teatro degli Orrori. Ma questa è la one man band che non ti aspetti: grindcore + drum machine + b-movies = bologna violenta. Il declino della musica contemporanea.

Cornflakes Freaks - Nora's Room  | 7tx CD (Smartz… 2001) - 6 € 5 €

25 minutes of hot melodic HC with an emo touch. Singed in english, played with the heart. Now 2/4 of them plays into Crime Gang Bang. One copy left.

Fabio Orsi - Find Electronica  | 3tx CD (A Silent Place 2007) - 13 € 8 €

A long drone/ambient suite divided in two portions which are the frames of the articulated central track. A strictly personal exercise on the "Weird Folk" theme, hypnotic and seductive. The "found" electronica meets the humoral sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon, with an intimate sensibility. Abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy…

Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - We could for hours | 4tx CD (A Silent Place 2008) - 15 € 10 €

Krautrock, Drone, Experimental, Ambient, Abstract music. Gatefold cardboard cover.

Fabio Orsi / Mamuthones - The First Born | 5tx CD (A Silent Place 2008) - 13 € 8 €

Four long tracks of dark, brooding modern psychedelia packaged in gatefold cardboard cover.

Jennifer Gentle - A New Astronomy | 13tx digipack CD (A Silent Place 2006) - 15 € 8 €

This is the official release of the ultra rare cd-r released by Sub Pop in 2005 in a 100 copies limited edition. Noise, Abstract, Space Rock, Drone, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental.

Jennifer Gentle - Concentric | 8tx digipack CD (A Silent Place 2010) - 15 € 8 €

Acid rock, psycho, drone. Jennifer Gentle records for Sub Pop are really really Pop compared to the A Silent Place ones.

Jennifer Gentle & Kawabata Makoto - The wrong cage | 4tx digipack CD (A Silent Place 2008) - 15€ 8€

Recorded live during the tour with japanese guitarist Kawabata Makoto in 2002, this record documents the really noise side of the band. Reissued on digipack (originally on Silyboy) with a bonus track.

Julie's haircut - Our Secret Ceremony |  15tx double CD (A Silent Place 2009) - 15 € 14 €

Super! Krautrock, postrock and pop! Great record and great artwork (double CD in a thee-fold silkcreened gatefold).

Julie's Haircut & Sonic Boom - N-Waves / U-Waves | 2tx CD (A Silent Place 2007) - 10 € 8 €

Indie - space rock. Released in a particular embossed and debossed cover.

La Quiete - Tenpéun `01-`05  | 19tx CD (Sons Of Vesta 2007) - 9 €

Full collection of all the early material of these nice screamo dudes from italy, until their first full lenght. the cd also contains a video from their tour. cool artwork and awesome band.

North Sea (The) - Archaic spines | 5tx CD (A Silent Place 2007) - 13 € 8 €

Folk, experimental, improvisation. Brad Rose, the man behind the Digitalis and Foxglove labels returns with another solo album, on another beautifully presented ha limited edition imprint. Archaic Spines is an album that utilises only a bouzouki and a hint of vocals, spreading five celestial ragas over forty minutes of improvisation.

Origod - A new dawn fades7tx CD (One Voice Recordings 2010) - 6 €

Post hardcore with metal influences from Turin, with ex members of Torquemada and Angusta Taurinorum.

Plastic Crimewave Sound - Painted Shadows | 6tx CD (A Silent Place 2009) - 15 € 10 €

Chicago spacepunk unit in operation since 2001, which has been lauded in Mojo, Wire, Julian Cope's Head Heritage, etc. PCWS delivers blasts of motor-city acid-rock, Japanese-style psychedelic scree, yet touching on cosmic krautrock and eastern folk-blues at times. Plastic Crimewave also does the Galactic Zoo Dossier mag, Secret History of Chicago Music newspaper strip and radio show, Million Tongues Festivals, and plays with DRMWPN and Moonrises.

Slumberwood - Yawling night songs | 8tx CD (A Silent Place 2009) - 13 € 8 €

Slumberwood is a young Italian collective formed by a group of artists based in the Northern town of Padova, dabbling in various media, including film, visual arts and of course music. On Yawling Night Songs the collective are assisted by Jennifer Gentle leader Marco Fasolo, who not only performs but records and produces this album - and it's a record that indicates an eclectic mix of influences. The group are keen to profess their love of Werner Herzog, Coil, Nurse With Wound, This Heat and Big Star…

Z'ev - Rhythmajic  | 32tx CD (Small Voices 2005) - 13 € 8 €

In "Rhythmajik, Practical Uses of Number, Rhythm and Sound" (Temple Press Ltd., Brighton, UK, 1992, ISBN 1-871744-407) Z’EV has radically reformulated the Qabalah from an Astral/Cosmological focus to an Earthed perspective. It was the first complete practical guide covering all aspects of the numbers 1-9 (and their magnitudes) and the mystical uses of rhythm, sound and proportion. These recordings have been made exclusively for the Italian edition of the "Rhythmajik" book. This is the audio demonstration of the written theories.
Il tutto, come sempre, in distro.

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