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Update distro - vinili - nuovi arrivi e aggiornamenti.

Ancient Sky - S/t Black Magic Disco - Black Magic Disco Claudio Rocchetti - These Are The Days Gods And Queens - Untitled #2 Jennifer Gentle - Sacramento Session / 5 Of 3 Jennifer Gentle - Live in the House of God Julie's haircut - Our Secret Ceremony Julie's Haircut & Sonic Boom - N-Waves / U-Waves Magdalene - Sail with the tide My Cat Is An Alien / Pestrepeller - Split LP Picture Neil On Impression - L'oceano delle onde che restano… Nick Castro & The Young Elders - A Day without Disaster Raein - Ogni nuovo inizio Savage Republic - Sword fighter / Taranto!!! Tideland - Asleep in the graveyard

Ancient Sky - S/t  |  7tx LP (Sons Of Vesta, Perpetual Motion Machine 2009) - 10 € 9 €

Amazing quartet from Brooklyn, NY (with people from City Of Caterpillar, Majority Rule, Darkest Hour, Verse En Coma, Ghastly City Sleep) playing a mix of Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, The Doors and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Clear pink vinyl.

Black Magic Disco - Black Magic Disco  |  4tx 2xLP (A Silent Place 2007) - 22 € 15 €

Side project of My Cat Is An Alien: abstract, noise, avantgarde, space rock in luxurious gatefold sleeve, incl. Poster.

Bob Corn / Movie Star Junkies - Split 7"  |  2tx 7"EP (Framax 2010) - 5 €

Bob Corn playing Movie Star Junkies. Movie Star Junkies playing Bob Corn.

Claudio Rocchetti - These Are The Days  |  12tx LP (Small Voices 2007) - 15 € 10 €

Electronic / experimental. A collection of short pieces recorded between 2002 and 2004. Limited to 300 copies.

Gods And Queens - Untitled #2  |  6tx LP (Sons Of Vesta 2010) - 10 € 9 €

Philadelphia's Gods and Queens deliver a new EP of washed out discordant guitar melody, desperate vocals, and an angular rhythm section that winds its way through 6 songs in 15 minutes. The perfect sequel to their previous 2008 self titled album. For fans of Fugazi, Lungfish, Unwound, Slint, and Hoover. One side LP: the B side is randomly silkscreened with electric pink, silver and light violet ink.

Jennifer Gentle - Sacramento Session / 5 Of 3  |  2tx LP (A Silent Place 2006) - 15 € 10 €

Drone, psychedelic rock, noise, ambient. Side A recorded Live At KDVS Radio, Davis, California, April 12th 2005. Side B is a Marco Fasolo delirium. Gatefold sleeve and light-red vinyl.

Jennifer Gentle - Live in the House of God  |  1tx LP (A Silent Place 2008) - 20 € 13 €

Psycho. Limited edition 300 copies on single side, white vinyl.

Julie's haircut - Our Secret Ceremony  |  15tx 2xLP (A Silent Place 2009) - 25 € 18 €

Super! Krautrock, postrock and pop! Great record and great artwork (double LP in a thee-fold gatefold on clear transparent vinyl).

Julie's Haircut & Sonic Boom - N-Waves / U-Waves  |  2tx 10" (A silent place 2007) - 13 € 10 €

Indie - space rock. Limited edition of 524 copies on solid white vinyl. Released in a de-luxe embossed and debossed cover.

Magdalene - Sail with the tide  |  4tx LP (Sons Of Vesta 2010) - 10 €

An epicly heavy, crushing and monolithic postrock/posthardcore masterpiece, way far from the sound that this band from Pisa, Italy initially had; like a dark, moody and obscure abyss to drown into, the album flows bringing you down in the deepest emptyness of humanity. Influences? Red Sparowes, Pelican, Ulver, Ghastly City Sleep, Godspeed You Black Emperor.

My Cat Is An Alien / Pestrepeller - Split LP Picture  |  2tx LP (A Silent Place 2009) - 18 € 12 €

Psychedelic rock, ambient. On one side Pestrepeller’s 20 minute epic ‘Aswolf’ and a stunning Savage Pencil illustration and on the other equally fabulous music and art by MCIAA. Picture LP.

Neil On Impression - L'oceano delle onde che…  |  12tx 2xLP (Holidays, Sons of vesta 2008) - 15 €

Incredible new record for this italian monumental postrock orchestra: think to Tristeza, Mogway and Godspeed you! black emperor mixed with Jaga Jazzist's finesses! Gatefolded double LP. Splendido.

Nick Castro & The Young Elders - A Day without Disaster  |  5tx 10" (A Silent Place 2007) - 13 € 10 €

Experimental, psychedelic folk from the West Coast . Comes in a luxury gold foil printed / embossed cover, including die-cut poster!
"...Castro as yet another noteworthy voice of the present acid folk resurgence." - Matthew Murphy, Pitchfork Media USA "...Forgetting time and space is something that comes quite natural when walking across Castro’s beguiling and timeless acid folk territories." - Mats Gustafsson, Terrascope Online UK

Raein - Ogni nuovo inizio  |  1(6)tx LP (Sons of vesta 2008) - 10 € 9 €

Raein are finally back! This new record is a long song splitted into 6 parts, some of the best stuff Raein ever did. Three guitars plus a thousand vocals equals chaotic, rockish, tangled but still beautifully melodic screamo, for fans of City of caterpillar and Portraits of past. One sided LP (the other side is silkscreened!) on white vinyl.

Savage Republic - Sword fighter / Taranto!!!  |  2tx 7"EP (A silent Place 2009) - 12 € 8 €

Hailing from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic forged an astonishing reputation for themselves with their legendary performances. Their brand of ritualistically tribal exhibitions blurred the boundaries of Post-Punk and Industrial music. Limited vinyl with two amazing exclusive tracks recorded expressly for this release after '1938' cd album release on Neurot Recordings. Very special package with die-cut cover and silk-screened printings designed by Andrea Scarfone (Julie's Haircut)

Tideland - Asleep in the graveyard  |  11tx LP (Sons Of Vesta, Robotic Empire 2009) - 10 €

Grunge / punkrock from Virginia, for fans of Malady, Slint, Sonic Youth, Nirvana And Unwound. 35 dirty minutes of horrific visions and druggy nightmares. Debut LP on white vinyl.

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